Muriel 'Lil Mack', William, Bill

L'il Mack relocated from North Carolina to Maryland in 1975 to attend Morgan State University....  Sadly there was no eastern north carolina barbecue anywhere....  she searched high & low and found none.  Frustated & homesick, L'il Mack traveled frequently to her home in Carolina to bring back that delicious eastern north carolina chopped barbecue, cole slaw, and hush puppies.  Friends and classmates were always in need and L'il Mack was happy to satisfy their hunger for the great tasting barbecue.  L'il Mack's dad.... Big Mack, owned a restaurant in eastern north carolina that served the community great tasting barbecue six days a week. (Mack's Barbecue)  His restaurant was famous in the community from 1955 until 1987 when his pride and joy was completely destroyed in a fire.  Sadly Big Mack was never able to reestablish his restaurant, but his daughter L'il Mack who helped out in the cafe for 20 some years and learned all her dad could teach her about how to make the barbecue, decided to ressurrect her dad's receipe.  With the help of her husband and son, L'il Mack has brought Marylanders a taste of home.  L'il Mack's trailer can be found during the spring and summer months at festivals in and around the prince george's county area.